“Warmth From The Heart started as a Christmas project for three sisters in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Since that time, we have expanded and we need your help to comfort and assist women and children in distress.”

Start a Chapter in your High School, Sorority, or Community!

  • Step One

    Identify and gather some friends who share your commitment to assisting women and children in need of assistance. As a start, you only need a few people to begin making a difference!

  • Step Two

    Ask a faculty member at your school to serve as your chapter’s adviser, mentor, and liaison. The adviser provides support and advice.

  • Step Three

    Identify the organization which your chapter wishes to support. Possibilities include domestic abuse, shelters, nursing homes, orphanages, homeless shelters, street-to-work programs, or any organization which provides comfort to women in times of distress.

  • Step Four

    Make an appointment and meet the director or representative of the organization you wish to support. It is helpful to send an email to the representative beforehand (1) explaining the mission and goals of Warmth From the Heart. (2) Providing the contact information to your faculty adviser if they ask questions; and (3) asking to meet at a mutually convenient time.

  • Step Five

    Meet with the organization. Explain how you want to help and that your chapter is committed to providing long-term support. No one wants to invest effort in something that may disappear in a semester. Establish the way your group and the organization will communicate when they need blankets. Will they store them on-site ahead of time? Will they place special orders, i.e. “we have a mother with two boys ages 4 & 6.”

    Choose a system that works for both your Warmth From the Heart Chapter and the organization you are supporting.

  • Step Six

    You are ready to start making blankets!


Yes! See above for the steps and feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Most fleece comes in 60-inch width. For length, adult blankets are 2 yards or 6 feet. See our blanket making guide for more details.

Sorry, no – we only accept newly created, unused blankets.

We accept newly created knotted fleece blankets as shown in our blanket creation guide.

Surely! Please contact us directly via our contact form.

When we deliver, we love to roll the blankets and tie them with a decorative ribbon. We attach a logo tag so the blanket’s new owner will know they are not alone.

Absolutely!  We have chapters in high schools, church groups, and fraternities/sororities.  Each chapter often picks a specific organization upon which it wants to focus.  Besides providing blankets, chapters often choose to volunteer with food service, babysitting, and other services, as well.

It takes only one person with initiative and organization to get started!  We have chapters with 7 members and other chapters that are far larger.  It is not the number of members that matters but the commitment to keep making blankets.  Remember, we have had tremendous success with inviting sports teams and other clubs to blanket-tying events to help us prepare blankets.

Women and children who are victims of domestic abuse or misfortune who have lost everything. With your help, we can make a difference.


Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behavior that can include willful intimidation, battery and physical or sexual assault perpetrated by one intimate partner against another.

Anyone can be abused, regardless of age, gender, ethnic group, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, income level, job skills, or level of formal education. Batterers may be spouses, ex-spouses, partners, or casual dates.

Domestic violence varies in intensity from one person to the next, and occurs when one person in a relationship attempts to gain power, domination, and control over another using abusive tactics.

Violence is often cyclical and repeated across generations. Therefore, any approach to ending the epidemic of abuse in our society requires a multi-faceted approach that addresses both prevention and intervention.

Blankets are always made with TLC, and we appreciate everyone that helps us further the cause. If you ever have any questions, we are here for you! Just head over to the Contact Us page.