What We Do

Warmth From the Heart provides women and children who are victims of domestic abuse or misfortune with warm, handcrafted fleece blankets. Often these individuals have lost everything and our blankets among the first tangible signs that they are on the road to recovery.

Here’s How We Help

We hand craft new fleece blankets for both women. We also solicit donations of new, unused fleece as well as blankets that are made to our specifications. Because of the hard work of our members and the many generous blanket donations we have received, Warmth From the Heart has never had to turn down a request for a blanket. Get involved with us!

How You Can Help

Form a Warmth From the Heart chapter in your local high school and adopt your neighborhood YWCA shelter or other similar organization. Steps to forming a club can be found here. You can also sponsor an event where everyone pitches in to create blankets. Each chapter also will accept donations of new unused fleece. Get started with us and help make a difference.

In the Name of Love


Although it has been 13 years since we started Warmth From the Heart, we remain active with the organization and dedicated to helping to expand chapters throughout the country. Although the three of us are now in separate locations, we each spread the message of Warmth From the Heart to our schools, sororities, and communities. We are always willing to talk with anyone interested in starting a chapter and we all spend most of our time on chapter development activities.

If you have any questions or if we can help in any way, reach out to us on the Contact Us page.

Keep tying blankets!


Emily, Caroline and Victoria